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Here at Safe Finance we bring fresh, honest advice right to your door. Breaking into a taineted industry we are determined to re-write the standards of honesty and integrity delivered within the financial services division. You can trust us to get it right with our simple, honest yet Safe advice.

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‘Safe Advice is Best Advice’

Our specialised network of highly qualified financial consultants, boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is demonstrated in the detail we apply in all our consultations.

Our bespoke service is tailored around your ever changing needs, walking hand-in-hand on your journey wherever it takes you. Delivering unparalleled customer service coupled with lifetime financial planning. We aim to demonstrate that Safe advice is best advice.

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A Bespoke Personal Service

‘One size does not fit all’

It’s our business to understand your needs. That’s why we choose to deliver a unique service face to face service, so that we can get to know you and what it is you want. Your long and short term goals are our passion. This is why our recommendations are tailored to suit your individual requirements; one size does not fit all with Safe Finance.

Our national network of advisers are some of the industry’s finest individuals. We invest in our consultants and equip them with the right tools to power your financial future..

Our dedication to Honesty


‘Honesty is the first chapter in the book of Wisdom’
We pride ourselves in demonstrating Safe advice. This is why we cannot promise to help everybody. We choose only to make recommendations on your finances if we believe it is in your financial interest to do so. In the instance we cannot help you, we aim to clearly explain our reasons and withdraw until a more suitable time. We trust that our approach reflects our commitment to care.

Our Lifetime Oath


We’re committed to your Financial Journey’
In order to achieve your long term financial goals we believe we need to walk in your shoes. That is why our continued support and advice is available whenever you need it. Whether you need to remortgage, move home, downsize or just review; we are here for your journey. That’s our Life Time Oath*. We deliver. We commit. .

Your Tailored Mortgage


‘The best time to plant a tree is always 20 years ago’
Our effective mortgage plans do not just focus on your picture today; we are here for your tomorrow. We appreciate that life has its ups and downs, but you can take comfort in our Safe advice as we’ll plan all your arrangements to suit your lifestyle. With our expert recommendations, we will find the most cost effective way to get your journey back on track. Together we aim to attack your mortgage balance and get it paid off sooner rather than later.