Trust Planning

Safe Advice is the Best Advice

Protect Your Children’s Inheritance

You’ve worked hard all your life to provide a happy future for your children and grandchildren. After your death, you really want to be sure that they benefit fully from everything you’ve accumulated on their behalf. If you leave cash, property or anything else directly to your loved ones, these assets arte then considered to be part of their estate and could be at risk from any future divorce settlements, creditors and taxation.

You might have a business its taken a lifetime to build up. Surely you would want to protect this for your family?

Have you thought about what might happen if your surviving spouse, who has inherited your assets, were to re-marry? The Will could be changed in favour of the new spouse and subsequent children.

So many things to think about!

We can advise you about blood line planning and strategic use of trusts to ensure your assets reach the family members of your choice rather than end up in the wrong hands.

Protect Your Home and Your Assets

Your home is probably your biggest asset. You’ve put your life into it. Don’t lose it or all your savings, because you haven’t taken the time to make a few plans for the future.

There are a number of ways in which your home and your savings could be vulnerable unless you take action:

  • Bank demands
  • Avoidable taxation
  • As a result of divorce or separation
  • The cost of long term care

We are here to better safeguard those hard-earned assets for you and your family

Safe Heritage can advise you on the best way forward, making sure you have robust plans in place so that you and your family will be secure, now and in the future.

With trusts, timing is important.

We understand all the ins and outs.

Which Will is right for me?

No two Wills are the same. It’s vitally important that whatever you put into place correctly reflects your wishes and your family circumstances. The right Will or Family Estate Plan can potentially save you and your loved ones hundreds of thousands of pounds and help reduce the heartache at an already difficult time.

Are you aware that there are Retirement Planning Insurances that can look after your care related costs? Talk to us today.

We endeavour to keep it Simple, Honest & Safe for you.