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What is a Will?

A will is a legal document that aims to express one’s wishes in the event of their death. It dictates what the surviving family and friends should do with your personal possessions, assets, monies and property affairs. Where there are dependent children, it grants permission of their upbringing and with whom they are housed with when appropriate guardianship is granted.

Why Do You Need a Will? 

It’s very simple. If you don’t have a Will then your family and loved ones, already distressed by your death, will have the additional worry of sorting out your financial affairs. They may have no access to your funds to pay bills, they will have to endure a time-consuming legal process and you will have no say about where your money and assets go – the government will decide.

Without a Will: 

  • Your children’s upbringing could be decided by the courts and local Social Services
  • If you’re unmarried, your partner could receive nothing
  • If you’re divorced and your ex-spouse has a new family, your assets may go to them against your wishes
  • If you’re the sole director of a small business, no-one will be able to make decisions or authorise payments

A Will makes sorting out your affairs easier and clearer for your family as you have already granted the wishes in what you would like to happen in the event of your passing.

A will is only used in the event of a death. Up until that point it must remain valid meaning appropriately signed and witnessed and up to date with family members mentioned within it such as the executors.

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To ensure we don’t miss anything, we visit you twice. When we’re back for the second appointment, we’ll be hand delivering your final proofs and of course ensuring your documents are signed and witnessed appropriately. If we haven’t already kept it simple for you, we’ll go the extra mile and keep it Safe with our storage and aftercare solutions at no extra cost.*

Our membership unlocks unlimited re-writes for you. Ensuring your Will is Safe and valid for when the time comes after all it is your invaluable wishes that will be voiced.

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What is an Executor & Why Do I Need one? 

You must nominate an executor or executors in your Will, to carry out your wishes after your death. An executor makes all the arrangements after your death, pays debts, values the estate and distributes the estates monies and belongings according to your Will. It involves paperwork, letter writing and form-filling and can be time-consuming even with a straightforward estate.

We say choose wisely! We can advise you! Lets keep it Safe together.